Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Two Steps Forward...One Back

Dear Autumn,

What happened?  We were at a lovely, crisp, 72 Southern California degrees just last weekend...

You gave me hope...I gleefully dug out my sweaters and tights...I put up my Fall wreathes...

we were planning to do s'mores on Saturday night. 
But...all of a sudden, 
the air conditioner kicked back on...


Don't you know I'm a cold weather beastie?!  Don't you know the thought of winding my burnt orange mohair scarf  'round my neck and trotting off into the crisp air and falling leaves fills me with utter-spine-shuddering-if-I-were-a-puppy-I'd-widdle-on-the-floor happiness?  Seriously.  (Just more proof this girl is in the wrong part of this crazy state.)

So, our s'mores party never happened.

 The fire-pit was primed,

 the comfy chairs placed

and wood gathered--and then...

Air Conditioning.

Really Autumn. You can be SUCH a tease.


  1. Girl, may I remind you that, back in Maryland, it is a chilled 70 degrees? Perfect trail riding weather?