Monday, September 19, 2011

Look, Ma! I'm knittin'!

Look what I learned to do this weekend, y'all...

My good friend, Jennifer, came to visit this weekend and we had an absolute blast.  
Jen and I went to high school together and were later roomies at the University of Maryland.  We share a love for, among many things, Fall, beautiful music, cozy, 'lived-in' homes and furry friends.  

Jen and her husband, Charlie

Our weekend included going to a fun restaurant in Riverside and listening to some terrific jazz, walking around the beautiful Mission Inn, visiting downtown Redlands and buying treats from the wonderful Martha Green's Bakery, and heading up to Los Rios Rancho in Oak Glen for some delicious apple cider, beautiful scenery and of course, apple pie!
Mark and I had a great time with Jen (and Mika, of course, has added her to the list of "All-time-favorite belly scratchers...EVER").
Soon after Jen arrived, she pulled two beautiful skeins of kettle-dyed Merino wool from Uruguay out of her bag and told me she was going to teach me to knit.  I was giddy.  We purchased some lovely bamboo knitting needles for me and she patiently taught me the garter stitch. Two rows later, I was hooked.

Before she left to return home, Jen gave me another gift; she helped me to find a wonderful knitting shop nearby where I could go to ask questions, continue to learn and purchase beautiful yarns and patterns to feed my new creative outlet.  We looked on the internet and found the Redlands Yarn Company.  When we walked in, I was immediately at home.  The store is full of beautiful fibers--alpaca and sheep's wool--pretty felted and knitted items--and friendly folks.  The owner, Becky, and her lovely parents are really fun, helpful and down-to-earth.  I can definitely see myself spending some cold winter afternoons in this cozy shop.   
I confess that I always felt more interested in learning just how to care for sheep and spin and dye wool prior to this weekend. But now that I'm sitting here in the soft evening light, the dog at my feet, I find the repetition, the smooth wood and soft yarn in my hands comforting and strangely... right.
Thank you Jen, for a great weekend and for the creative inspiration.

 Big Hugs,

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