Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Blue (but not suede) Shooz

Do you remember these baby blues?

These are my 'old skool' style New Balance 690s; the most comfortable running shoes I've owned in years. I've loved New Balance ever since I was training for marathons and logging double-digit weekly miles because of their comfort and durability. But I never thought I'd go 'retro' for running!

My husband recently started researching the benefits of 'barefoot running' and has been telling me about how the incidence of knee injuries attributed to running has skyrocketed over the last few decades, and that the latest studies hypothesize that this could be a direct result of mainstream shoe designs over the past 20-30 years forcing heel-strike rather than a more natural mid or fore-foot-fall.  When you look at the way animals run, and the way our legs are constructed, it kind of makes sense.  Anyhoo, since I didn't consider myself quite the Vibrams candidate yet, 

Vibrams--my husband has these--I just can't get past the toe thing yet...

 I decided to at least give the newer 'retro' flatter soles a go this time, and whoa, baby, what a difference!  Why did I ever switch in the first place?!

I have really high arches and laid off running much over three miles at a pop the past few years because my feet and knees typically creak and grind with every stride (well, that and I've become a little less athletically ambitious and my job, a little more demanding of my time and energies), but these puppies are so comfy, if my stamina and my muscles were still in shape enough to maintain it, I think I could probably trot along all day in them.  

And nothing (except maybe a little heavy bag work at the martial arts school) wipes away a tough day at work like a good long run...well, that and the nice glass of chardonnay after the hot shower.  

So, although I know runners all have different tootsies and preferences, I'm sharing mine today in hopes this post may help somebody find their next perfect pair!

Happy trotting friends!
Big Hugs,

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