Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Homesteading 101

Awesome chicken picture from here

So, how does one begin homesteading? I mean, does it start with a desire to grow things and turning off the lights when you're out of the room and blossom to livestock and canning and beekeeping and so on?  The ways to begin are seemingly endless! Have you ever been so eager to learn or know something that the sheer opportunity and choice paralyzes you? 
So, if anyone's out there, I'd love to hear your thoughts. How did or would you start?  What is the first step that you would take?  What have you learned?


  1. I started by reading blogs of homesteaders. I've always had an interest in homesteading, I just didn't know it had a NAME. I read a lot of books, watch videos and ask questions.
    I've learned to make all kinds of household products, gotten great recipes, and just come to the realization that I can do a lot to help provide for my family. There's so much more to learn...

  2. Daisy, thanks so much for your very kind and patient advice! I'm so excited to start. We are currently renting a home and have not yet found out if the owner has decided to keep renting it out or sell it (our year lease is up this October), so that has put the chi-bosh on some of our planned projects---at least until we know for certain that we get to stay. In the meantime, I continue to gather information...sewing, reading blogs, checking out library books, going to farmer's markets, hanging things to outside to dry instead of using the gas dryer--little things. But I'm learning! Thank you for visiting and commenting--hope you have a great night/weekend!