Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bacchus, CKG, GOTW...

Hi all.  I apologize for the light posting.  As I said before, I've been nose to grindstone perhaps a little too much lately and my body is starting to let me know things are a little too far out of balance and off-kilter.  Time to slow down a little in my work life, take a little more time away from computers, and have a little more fun!

In the meantime, I'd like to introduce you to an important member of our family (I'm afraid I neglected to add him in my second post).  He is Bacchus, Chief Kitchen Gnome and Guardian of The Wine.

My grandpa painted him for me and gave him to me back in my early 20's and today, he sits on our kitchen counter by the wine rack (a place of homage in our household) and serves as our little Guardian of Wine. My hope is that as we move toward our homesteading dreams, perhaps one day he will be guarding our own bottles of Three Bags Full wine--and maybe even our own grandkids' favorite vintages. But until then, Bogle, Barefoot, 'Two-Buck Chuck' and treats from our Sunset Wine Club (which totally rocks, by the way) constitute his "flock".

Little Bacchus serves as more than just our CKG, though; he a constant reminder of my wonderful, creative, peaceful and lovely hearted Grandpa.  I do miss him and my wacky, fun Grandmother so much, but I smile and think fondly of them whenever I look at Bacchus' cute, worn, little visage.

I hope he makes you smile too...

Have a peaceful and happy evening everyone--

Big Hugs,

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