Monday, September 12, 2011

A Touch of Autumn

Well, howdy my friends!  How is your little corner of the universe doing?
I must ask you to pardon the daily re-combobulation of this lil' ol' blog while I figure things out a bit and decide how I really would like things to look.  It's a lot like re-arranging the living room furniture--maybe with a few less random poofs of dog hair...

This weekend was short, but definitely sweet here at the House on the Hill.  I've been racking up too many hours "at harness" lately and not spending enough time out in the rolling green grass kicking up my heels. So after some much appreciated sleep, I tied up my new running shoes 

(more to come on these in a later post) and went out for a 5 mile run(ish) and WOW--despite creaky knees and a little more jiggle than there used to be--it felt great!

Sunday brought a bit of a nip (okay, so 78 degrees constitutes a Southern California "nip" this time of year) in the air.  

It was gorgeous outside and while my husband and his brother went for a hike, 
I shut Squidley in the bedroom, 

 aired out the rest of the house, and gave everything a good scrubbing.  

Moo was beside herself with doggy glee. 

With the sliding glass door wide open, she could come and go as she pleased and (finally!) was exercising unadulterated control over her inside-outside domain.

Later in the evening, with pumpkin bread baked,

*No, this is not the one I baked--we cut into it before I could get to the camera...nom nom nom

Fall wreathes hung on the door,
and the scent of pumpkin candles hanging in the air, I felt the first excited and happy twinges of Autumn's arrival in my heart.

Autumn is my favorite season--pumpkins, sweaters, harvest goodies, beautiful colors in nature, hay rides, falling leaves, sitting around campfires with friends and family--it's all magical for me. 

And tonight, as I sit here typing out this post, a bountiful, great, orange, Harvest Moon hangs in the eastern sky.  

 We may still be using the air conditioner, but with impending autumn settling into my soul, I feel all is once again right with the world.


  1. Fall is my favorite time of year as well. Brings back LOTS of memories, things like, galloping horses in open fields, hot chocolate, and colorful leaves.

  2. BTW, it has been a chilly 95 here. The mornings are outstanding, perfect riding weather.

  3. Love autumn with its crisp mornings for walking.
    Enjoy the change-a-comin'!