Friday, May 25, 2012

Gall' Darn Gophers!

The Garden is growing along pretty well, but we've lost two broccoli plants now to gophers...

Below was the first and the second was stealthily nibbled away at the roots.  I'm still hoping we can save the second one, but things don't look good.

First it was a whole row of lettuce (except the wild rocket--they don't seem to like the arugala/rouquette much) and then our broccoli.  Mark and I pretty much declared war at seeing two of our huge broccoli plants disappear within mere days of each other, but I didn't want to hurt the gophers--I mean, after all, a gopher's gotta eat too, right? And we certainly didn't want to jeopardize our furkid Mika by putting out poison or anything like that.
So my awesome hubby went out and got one of those sonic/kinetic combo gopher stakes and planted it right in the middle of the broccoli. Apparently it emits the gopher warning chatter/thumping and scares them away.
So far, so good.  No more (knock wood) broccoli or lettuce plants have met their demise although I have noticed that I'm seeing more gopher holes out in the yard, so maybe it is working.  I'll keep you all posted.  Do you know any other ways of non-harmful gopher control?
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  1. Try enticing them into a crate and carry them out to the woods. Maybe they'll find better food there.