Monday, May 21, 2012

Catching Up is hard to do...

Well, Hellooooooooo there!
Yes. That is picture of our Christmas tree. 
Our SECOND Christmas tree to be exact, with Squiddley (aka, Siddhartha, aka Sqiddo, aka Sqiddleydoo, aka Jabba the Cat, aka "NonoyoubadcatgetdownfromthecounterRIGHTTHISINSTANT!") lying beneath it looking deceptively cute and steriotypically nappish. 
Yes, this is from this past December, which seems like yesterday.  
No, thankfully, our Christmas tree is not still up. It is lying in a shallow grave in the backyard next to the first Christmas tree (which promptly died two weeks after we bought it from Lowes), awaiting a proper cremation at one of the various California beach bonfire pits...erm, possibly, like, this weekend.

So here we are May, and I've been avoiding posting due to a combination of lack of my computer recognizing, in any form, the camera via cable--via memory card, via me saying some not very nice things, beating my fists on the table and typing much more forcefully than necessary--and just not having enough creative energy enough to fight technology and do my amazingly great but crazy job.  For a while--I'll be honest--I was really struggling about my job. Last weekend, however, I came to the conclusion that I love what I do, but I'm getting a little burnt out--so I've cut back on the hours a little bit in the hopes of striking some sort of balance henceforth and keeping the creative juices percolating.


Here we are. May.
And although life has been moving along as usual, I did manage to document a bit of it to share.
There's been Christmas, wineries, Mark's birthday, friends having little ones, being honored by my work, and the garden.

My goal is to post at least five days (Yep. Count 'em, five!) this week.
I'm lookin' to anyone who may still be out there to keep me honest!

Big Hugs and Happy Monday y'all!
Missed you,


  1. You have been missed! Looking forward to reading whatever you care to post! Have a wonderful Monday!

  2. I always enjoy your posts! Mom