Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Blank Canvas

We've ripped out the dead bushes and got the sprinklers working. Now the front hillside of the House on the Hill is just waiting for...lavender?...Olive trees?...Lovely autumn grasses?  What do you picture here?


  1. I see a lovely herb and flower garden next to the sidewalk. Lavender would be a lovely scent for passers-by.
    Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  2. Thanks for the suggestions Daisy! Hoping to get to work on it this weekend!

  3. Suggest taking a picture to a nursery and discussing the types of plants that will work best in this area. Perhaps some colorful perennials (low maintenance). Verigated lirope spotted between the house and the walk would look pretty and you can add either annuals or perennials to fill in the open areas. Also consider the amount of lighting throughout the area to ensure that the plants get what they need, be it sun or shade. Do you want privacy for the front of your house? Possibly a couple/few grasses such as fountain grass that doesn't get too large along the hillside certainly no more than about 3' high and the width that you would prefer. (A number of fountain grasses get very large.) In regards to trees - consider the size of your home in relation to the potential size of the tree when choosing a tree. You don't want the tree to overpower your home for curb appeal.